Thought your iPhone, computer, or health insurance policy is complex?  How about attempting to sell or purchase a home?  According to the California Association of Realtors about 418,000 homes have changed hands in California in the past 12 months. A vast majority of those homes were sold with a realtor.  
Here are three great reasons why a top realtor needs to be a part of your next move.  
           1. Buying a home is quite complex.  Acquiring a home has become an overwhelmingly complicated process. A realtor’s role in the search process has definitely changed with the public’s use of Zillow. However, after finding a home how does J.Q. Public know if the home is a great buy or overpriced? A top realtor will know local home values and the pulse of the market. After the home search process is complete, a top realtor will then be able to properly negotiate an offer. Understanding the in-and-outs of the contract terms can make one quite dizzy. A miss on a contract can cost one dearly in time and money. A top realtor will walk you through the process from selecting the home to receiving the keys.
           2. Selling a home is even worse. Want to sell a home? Set the right price. Vast internet marketing, awesome staging, or weekly open houses do not sell homes. The prices does. A top realtor will assist you in setting that “bingo” price. Also, did you know there are a myriad of disclosures when selling a home? Warning: not knowing what to properly disclose to a buyer can lead to serious legal issues down the road after a sale! Top realtors are familiar with all items that are required to be lawfully disclosed to buyers.
           3. Understanding the navigational points of the sales process. Walking a home through the escrow process is a fine juggling act. Keeping track of the terms of the purchase contract to insure that inspections are properly performed, the appraisal is complete, and the lender properly processes the loan is a huge responsibility. In short, a top realtor acts as a tour guide giving one advice and tips along to way to ensure there is a most comfortable hike. They will alert you to any upcoming dangers on the trails, or about the approaching fork in the road, and the consequences of taking a particular course. Having an experienced top realtor as a guide is the only way to travel through the complexities of the sale or purchase of a home. 

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