It’s a New Year and with it brings many sellers preparing their homes for the market. Some buyers are looking for fixer-uppers, however the majority of buyers gravitate toward move-in ready homes. Here are a few tips without going overboard that will convince buyers your property offers top value for their dollar. 
TIPS FOR GREAT CURB APPEAL          Amp up curb appeal.  Be honest. Look at your home objectively from the street. Check the condition of the landscaping, paint, roof, front door, windows, house number, and porch lights. Observe how your interior window coverings look from the outside. Need extra sprucing?  Large flowerpots or an antique bench can help your home stand out to many buyers. 
          Enrich with color. Talk is cheap but paint is even cheaper. Neutral colors can make a big impression. The shade doesn’t have to be white or beige, but stay away from jarring pinks, oranges, and purples. Soft yellows and pale greens say “welcome.”  Lead the eyes from room to room by using flatter skin tones. Tinting ceilings in a lighter shade will make the room pop.
          Upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms. These are make-or-break rooms. Make sure CHEAPEST WAY TO UPDATE YOUR KITCHENthey’re squeaky clean and clutter-free. If you don’t have the latest solid surface counters, at least update with new sinks, faucets, and hardware. In the kitchen, add one cool appliance, such as an espresso maker.
          Add old-world patina to walls. Crown molding that’s at least six to nine inches deep and high proportional to the room’s size can add great detail on a budget. For ceilings nine feet high, or higher, consider dentil detailing which is comprised of small, tooth-shaped blocks in a repeating pattern. 
          Clean out and organize closets. Remove anything you don’t need or haven’t worn in a while. Closets should only be half-full so buyers can visualize fitting in their items and clothing. Update window treatments. Buyers want light and views, not dated, heavy drapes. To diffuse light and add privacy, consider energy-efficient shades and blinds.
         HIRE A HOME INSPECTOR Hire a home inspector. Have you ever taken a used car to a mechanic to get a rundown on its condition before selling it?  Same concept here. Do a preemptive strike to find and fix problems before you sell your home. This allows for no surprises during the middle of a sale, and offers incredible upfront negotiating power on your end.  If buyers balk at your higher list price, your response can be the home is in tip-top shape. You can then provide solid evidence per the home inspection and offer to show them repair receipts demonstrating your detailed care for their future home. (Source: National Association of Realtors)

          Need more tips about selling a home?  Call me, Clint Freeman at (760) 382-1082, and let's talk about what it takes to sell it!